dinsdag 12 juni 2018

CT Magical Moments Cheese And Wine And I'll Be Fine

✿➹⁀✿**CT Tags for Magical Moments✿➹⁀✿**

Cheese And Wine And I'll Be Fine

Nice cheese and wine themed taggersize kit including a awesome tube of ©JuliaFox.
The kit contains 64 elements and 8 papers to make very nice creations.

CT tags Magical Moments Summer Mornings

✿➹⁀✿**CT Tags for Magical Moments✿➹⁀✿**
Summer Mornings

Nice "Summer Mornings" themed taggersize kit.
    The kit contains 70 elements and 5 papers to make the most beautiful creations.

Summer Mornings matching girls.
4 awesome png tubes of ©JuliaFox to match the kit
"Summer Mornings"